Unisure provides a wide range of products and services that expertly takes care of all your insurance and benefit needs.

Funeral Plans
Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. We offer individual and group scheme funeral products at competitive premiums. We give our families the range of products and protection they need based on their unique circumstances.

Secretarial Services

We provide full house secretariat function to the Trustees of Retirement Funds. We support the Trustees by ensuring that the documentation of the Fund is properly recorded and maintained. Our Consultants keep up-to-date with governance best practice and any industry developments.
Why Us?

  •  We provide a professional team to manage your secretariat functions.
  • Our cost-effective service provides financial management.
  •  We are a neutral party.

Trustee Training
With all the legislative hurdles facing the retirement fund industry, outsourcing certain functions may be the best option to protect your members’ interest. Unisure offers training to trustees and members of retirement funds on industry matters. We also assist Boards of Funds in the election process of member trustees and ensure compliance with legislative requirements. The training offers a wide variety of programmes and workshops, ranging from generic to fund specific courses. The length of courses varies according to the subject matter. The training caters for different levels of
education and experience; and are conducted on an interactive workshop style basis.

Trustee Election
We offer a trustee nomination and election communication service to help retirement funds manage their trustee election campaign.

Member Education
In terms of the Pension Funds Act, one of the duties of the Board of Fund is to communicate adequate and appropriate information to the members and other stakeholders of the Fund. Unisure specialises in assisting retirement funds and employers with informing and educating members and/or
employees regarding their fund benefits and other related matters.

We address groups of members on specific issues, visit member premises to see people one-on-one, or hold induction sessions as often as you require. We adopt a systematic approach to member communication to empower members in order to make informed decisions about their retirement benefits.

At Unisure we also offer the following services:

  • Drafting of the communication policy and the strategy document – these documents sets out the key objectives and
    principles of the Fund to ensure effective communication to its members.
  • Production of literature aimed at members – such as fund newsletters, member booklet, etc.

Financial Planning
When it comes to insurance, there is no substitute for experience. Through our team of highly skilled professional Financial Advisors, our commitment to deliver premier advice to each and every client is assured. Unisure offers bespoke financial planning and service solutions to empower our clients to meet their investment goals. Whether your objective is for wealth creation or saving for a particular goal, our professional Financial Advisors can assist.

Retirement Counselling
With the correct retirement planning and the right products, you can make the most of whatever you have saved during your working life, allowing you to enjoy, rather than endure, your later years. We offer individuals a range of bespoke pre-retirement planning services and we are committed to educating the South African public on how to plan for a successful retirement. We empower our clients to enable them to make informed choices with regard to their own future.