A word from our MD

Solutions today, for a better tomorrow”

Tackling financial literacy is a critical challenge for South Africa. It is one of the most indebted nations in the world.

Research has shown that around 85% of people’s debt problems start with a death in the family. It is not only the cost of the funeral, but the expatriation of the body and looking after the dependants when a breadwinner dies that is creating a financial burden.

South Africa is facing an economic “dilemma” as two of its most dependent population groups – small children and the elderly – are growing‚ while the number of people making up the workforce‚ is declining. We need more South Africans to work and save – from an early age. Young professionals are often responsible for supporting family/parents in future – “Black Tax”.

There is still a high reliance on Government. One in three South Africans believe that the Government will take care of them in old age – a belief that contributes to the already enormous pressure on Government to supply grants to pensioners who could not save for retirement.

The key is having a financial plan that addresses the appropriate core (have-to-have) insurance/investing needs and ancillary (nice-to-have) ones.
Creating an enabling framework – that deals with short term & long term savings in a controlled environment can greatly improve financial stability.

At Unisure we believe that if you create wealth, you leave an inheritance for future generations. This is the reason we offer our clients the best solutions today, for a better tomorrow!

Stanley Tshabalala
Managing Director